Wide Base Tires

Allied Oil offers wide-base tires for trucks and commercial vehicles. Increase safety and your fuel economy with wide-base tires from Allied Oil.

Benefits of Wide Base Tires

Recent tests of wide-base tires indicate a potential fuel economy improvement of two to five percent compared to dual tires. By using wide-base tires, a combination long-haul truck could save over 400 gallons of fuel per year and cut emissions of carbon dioxide (the most common greenhouse gas) by more than four metric tons annually. Cutting operating costs and carbon emissions make sense. We help your trucks and commercial vehicles do both at the same time.

Other benefits include:

  • fuel savings
  • weight savings
  • reduced inventory levels
  • fewer mounts and dismounts
  • easier pressure maintenance


“Specifying single wide-base tires on a new combination truck could save $1,000 initially, and cut over four metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Fuel savings of 2% or higher begin immediately.”

– SmartWay Transport Partnership, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Our tire consultants are here to help, so contact Allied Oil today to learn more about wide-base tires for your trucks and commercial vehicles!

Wide base tires

A single wide base tire takes the place of two conventional radial tires in dual assembly on drive and trailer axles.


Michelin has a full line of wide base tires called the X One®. The X One products include:

  • X One XDA
  • X One XDA Energy
  • X One XDN2
  • X One XTE
  • X One XZU S
  • X One XZY3


For more information on the X One product line, visit MichelinTruck.com.

Once you make the switch to the X One, keep in mind that Allied also has the capability of delivering quality X One retreads. They’ll help you achieve even lower costs on the road.