Truck Wheels

Allied Oil & Tire Company also sells new and used commercial truck wheels. We carry both aluminum and steel wheels for trucks and commercial vehicles. We also offer wheel reconditioning services.

New Aluminum Wheels:

Allied Oil offers Accuride brand aluminum wheels and rims for trucks and commercial vehicles.

Steel Wheels:

Import and Accuride steel wheels are also available for commercial trucks and vehicles.

Wheel Reconditioning/Wheel Paint

Wheels are completely stripped clean, thoroughly inspected for damage, and powder coated in white. This process enhances vehicle appearance, reduces premature wheel failure and increases tire life by allowing the tire to seat properly.

Mounted Wheel Program

Tires are delivered already mounted on wheels and balanced, saving you time and labor.

For truck wheels Including steel wheels, aluminum wheels, Accuride and Import, reconditioned wheels and more, contact an Allied account manager today.

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