Tire Retreading

Behind each of our retreads is a state-of-the-art, multi-step process utilizing the most advanced equipment in the industry. This process ensures you get the best performing retreads you will ever run. If sustainability is a goal of yours, it can be achieved through tire retreading. You won’t find any tire retreads better and they’ll help you achieve lower costs on the road and improve your bottom line.

Additional benefits to MRT custom-mold tire retreads include:

  • Improved rolling resistance
  • Enhanced uniformity
  • Improved reliability (no splice)
  • Respects new tire architecture

You’ll see:

  • Increased reliability
  • Lowered downtime
  • Lower cost-per-mile

Michelin Tire Retreading Process

Our tire retreading process begins with a revolutionary inspection of your used casings. Next, we give your tires a state-of-the-art buffing that ensures the new tread bonds tightly to the existing casings. We’ll provide a durable bonding layer through our specially engineered cushion extrusion process, preparing your tire for one of our high-performance pre-mold or custom treads. After we build the tread, we send it through our curing process.

The end result is something genuinely new and dramatically better. See how no other tire retread compares to the quality of a Michelin by watching the MRT Visual Tour.

Allied Goes One Step Further

At Allied’s MRT plant, we pre-inflate every retread to 115 psi before delivery. We are the only tire retreader in the industry to take this additional precautionary step. Our process of triple-checking the casings minimizes the chance of a tire coming out of service.

Before we retread even one tire, our tire consultants will sit down with you to determine the specs you feel comfortable with (i.e. how many nail holes, section repairs, etc.) when retreading a casing that has been repaired. We call this Casing Asset Management or C.A.M. specs. It’s just one more way Allied goes above and beyond to better serve our customers.

Top of the Class

You can trust our experience as we’ve been retreading since 1998 and doing custom molding since 2000.

Plant Tours Available

Call us today at 800-333-3717 to schedule a plant tour! You’re guaranteed to be impressed with the cleanliness of our facility and the enthusiasm and pride of our plant workers.

“Your tour guides did an excellent job of explaining all the processes involved in detail. They also answered all the numerous questions we had.”
– Don Knop, Lincoln Machine, Inc.