Our Other Products and Lubricants

PCMO Lubricants/Products

Besides oil, we also offer other petroleum-based and automotive products, such as windshield washer fluids and antifreeze.

Allied also carries:

  • Antifreeze – keeps your liquid based liquids from freezing
  • Brake Fluids – enables you to break easier
  • Coolant – utilized to decrease or regulate temperature
  • Gear Lubricants – specifically made and used for transmissions and other automobile  machinery
  • Greases – reduces friction, which in return reduces wear and tear on your machinery
  • Power Steering Fluid – hydraulic fluid that sends the power in power steering
  • Transmission Fluid – used to lubricate automatic and manual transmissions
  • Windshield Washer Fluid – fluid used to clean windshields
  • Wiper Blades (Rain X) – removes rain from your windshield 

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