Used Oil Disposal Service

Allied Industrial Services collects used oil, filters, fuels and oily waste water. Our industrial oil wastewater program uses either vacuum or pump trucks, which allow us to provide cost-effective waste retrieval services. This service also includes transportation, processing, and recovery for a wide range of commercial and industrial liquids.

Oil disposal should be handled by authorized organizations as improper oil disposal can contaminate and pollute soil and waterways. Motor oil does not expire or wear out. If properly handled, used oil can be cleaned and recycled for use again. Allied Oil & Tire provides proper oil disposal and recycling for motor vehicles of all kinds.

Aside from standard oil disposal services we offer these processing services:

  • Oil waste water
  • Waste separation from sumps, pits and traps
  • Fuels storage facility
  • Cutting fluids


Allied oil disposal services follow all regulatory requirements. We maintain an excellent safety and EPA track record due to our documentation process, procedures and work instructions.
For more information on our used oil disposal services in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska or South Dakota, call 816-241-8964 or email.

Used oil disposal services

Your tour guides did an excellent job of explaining all the processes involved in detail. They also answered all the numerous questions we had.

Each and every day, I am so glad I chose Allied for tires and oil.  The Des Moines (Iowa) crew is fantastic and I feel like I am in the “safe zone” every time I pull in there.  And choosing the oil was just one more good move I made.

I am very satisfied with what ESCO did for the district. They worked well together as well as being very clean. They understood the busy area. I would have them work on anything in the district. Great job guys!