Oil Reclamation and Oil Recycling

Our advanced oil reclamation and oil recycling technology extends the life of lubricants and equipment through oil filtration, dehydration (water removal) and additization. Allied Industrial Services has advanced equipment and trained employees to remove solids and water contaminants from oil, cutting your downtime and operating costs, getting you back on the road faster and more efficiently.

Allied Industrial Services provide you assistance in designing and implementing a lubrication and maintenance program utilizing industry best practices. Our oil reclamation and oil recycling services are just a part of how we serve you and your vehicle better.

The advanced range of on-site oil recycling and oil reclamation equipment includes sump-vacuum and mobile and fixed recycling units in a variety of capacities. No matter what recycling system is used, you will be assured of the premium performance of the lubricants and metalworking products.

Allied Industrial Services provides documented evidence of lubricant condition based on a regimen of testing to demonstrate the need and results of fluid recycling and oil filtration.


  • Reduced unscheduled downtime
  • Increased equipment life and reliability
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Reduced disposal and replacement costs
  • Achieve and maintain oil ISO cleanliness codes
  • Extend lubricant and component life
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Documentation and certification


For oil recycling, oil reclamation, oil filtration, oil disposal and other commercial lubricant and industrial services you can trust Allied Industrial Services to get the job done. Our oil reclamation and oil recycling technology extends lubricant life, maintains lubricants for sustained performance, reduces disposal of contaminants and contributes to dramatic savings in operational cost savings.

Kansas Oil Recycling, Iowa Recycling Oil, Missouri Oil Reclamation

Our services include:

  • On-site oil filtration/oil reclamation and recycling
  • On-site metalworking lubricant reclamation
  • Replenishing additives in product
  • Replenishing viscosity in product
  • Water removal by vacuum distillation
  • On-site turbine oil services
  • Maintenance scheduling services
  • On-site customer training and education


The Industrial Services division is located in Kansas City, MO., and we also service Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. For more information about our oil reclamation and oil recycling services, call 1.800.333.3717 or email.

Your tour guides did an excellent job of explaining all the processes involved in detail. They also answered all the numerous questions we had.

Each and every day, I am so glad I chose Allied for tires and oil.  The Des Moines (Iowa) crew is fantastic and I feel like I am in the “safe zone” every time I pull in there.  And choosing the oil was just one more good move I made.

I am very satisfied with what ESCO did for the district. They worked well together as well as being very clean. They understood the busy area. I would have them work on anything in the district. Great job guys!