Industrial Filters

Total Fluid Care

  • On or off-site reclamation services
  • New Product Filtration and full services
  • Emergency filtration and water removal
  • Recycling and disposal of used oils and petroleum contact waters
  • Equipment Rental
  • Plant Assessments
  • Vacuum truck services
  • Confined space certified technicians
  • Filter upgrades


  • Analyze current oil conditions
  • Establish target ISO specifications based on plant equipment
  • Utilize Innovative Dehydration and Filtration Products meeting ISO industry standards
  • Verify results on-site with Laser Particle Counter
  • Fully customizable service
  • Emergency and scheduled services available

Cost Containment

    • Our Reclamation Services cut your new oil purchase costs by approximately 50% reducing total cost of ownership and used oil disposal significantly.

Reduces Down Time
Reduces Labor Costs
Reduces Oil Disposal Costs
Extends Component Life

  • 75% of component replacements in hydraulic and lubricating systems are the result of surface degradation due to corrosion or mechanical wear

Extends Useful Life of Oil

  • Particulate in oil not only cause wear but also promote oil oxidation
  • Moisture in lubricating oil will increase oxidation and viscosity and deplete additives
  • Air and gases in oils cause foaming and accelerate oil oxidation