PC-11 Impact in Diesel Vehicles

Diesel engine

PC-11 Explained Site

“Introduction of PC-11 diesel engine oils means more options when it comes to selecting the right product to maximize fuel economy while maintaining the protection you expect to keep your equipment running efficiently.  Additionally, newer on-road diesel equipment will start to come factory filled with PC-11B (API FA-4) oils in the future and will require Diesel Engine Oil selection guidance for some operators.”

Check out the new information about PC-11. Chevron has put together an easy to read site explaining what is to come of the new categories: API CK-4 and API FA-4.

PC-11 Explained Chevron Site

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Your tour guides did an excellent job of explaining all the processes involved in detail. They also answered all the numerous questions we had.

Each and every day, I am so glad I chose Allied for tires and oil.  The Des Moines (Iowa) crew is fantastic and I feel like I am in the “safe zone” every time I pull in there.  And choosing the oil was just one more good move I made.

I am very satisfied with what ESCO did for the district. They worked well together as well as being very clean. They understood the busy area. I would have them work on anything in the district. Great job guys!